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Stardust Shimmery Liqueur Grape & Mint 0,7l

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When it comes to unusual vodka-based liqueur creations, Stardust Drinks has most likely had a hand in it. The Grape & Mint liqueur combines the typical sweetness of dark-ripe grapes with the familiar freshness of a mint.

The taste of this liqueur is based on the shisha scene, where the tobacco variety grape mint is very popular. This refreshing and fruity flavor combination is now available not only for smoking, but also for drinking.

The slim 0.7 liter bottle is strikingly beautifully finished. The deep purple color with the discreet lettering and the image of constellations, which makes reference to the company name, has a very pleasant effect. What makes the liqueurs from Stardust stand out is above all the glitter effect, which appears when the bottle is shaken and is intended to remind us of the twinkling of the stars in our galaxies.

The alcohol content is 21 percent, which is a very reasonable value for a fruit liqueur of this type. You can drink the Stardust liqueur pure, but also in cocktails and long drinks. It can also be mixed very well with sparkling wine or tonic water.

A recommendation for all who enjoy discovering new flavors.

-Flavor: Grape & Mint
-Country of production: Germany
-Alcohol content: 21% vol
-content: 0,7 l
-Type: Liqueur