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Stardust Shimmery Liqueur Peach & Lemongrass 0,7l

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The successful composition of fresh peach and lemongrass gives this liqueur from the house of Stardust a taste experience in a class of its own. It tastes excellent mixed with sparkling wine or tonic water and also very good pure.

Based on vodka, this liqueur is made with freshly harvested peaches and lemongrass. The length of the maceration of the ingredients in the alcohol as well as the mixing ratio of the individual ingredients has a significant influence on the taste. This liqueur tastes sweet at first, then turns sour on the finish.

The Stardust Peach & Lemongrass is bottled at 21% alcohol by volume, which is not very high for a spirit. However, with liqueurs, the flavor of the fruit in the blend with the culinary herb should be the focus, not the alcohol. The slim 0.7 liter bottle is strikingly beautifully finished. The warm orange-gold color with the discreet lettering and the image of constellations, which refers to the company name, has a very pleasant effect. What makes the liqueurs stand out is, above all, the unique shimmer effect that appears when the bottle is shaken.

This drink is the enthusiasm to create liqueurs, whose ingredients are so far unique and should stand out from others. A recommendation for those who enjoy discovering new flavors.

-Flavor: Peach & Lemongrass
-Country of production: Germany
-Alcohol content: 21% vol
-content: 0,7 l
-Type: Liqueur