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Stardust Shimmery Liqueur Strawberry & Vanilla 0,7l

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The Stardust Strawberry & Vanilla is a fruity liqueur. The special feature here is especially the well-done flavor composition, which sensibly combines fruity and sweet nuances. Like all Stardust liqueurs, its shimmer effect makes it a special feast for the eyes.

A liqueur of this type manages to combine flavorful parts of strawberry and vanilla in a particularly stylish way. With the addition of a high-quality vodka, a round fruit liqueur is created, which is, however, very pleasantly complemented above all by the taste of vanilla. This liqueur relies exclusively on completely natural flavors. Thus, it does not have the typical artificial aftertaste that one is accustomed to, especially from lower quality spirits.

Even during the production of this drink, care is taken to ensure that the process is compatible with the climate. The production can thus also be considered very sustainable. The alcohol content is 21 percent, which is a very reasonable value for a fruit liqueur of this type. You can drink the Stardust liqueur pure, but also in cocktails and long drinks. It can also be mixed very well with sparkling wine or tonic water.

-Flavor: Strawberry & Vanilla
-Country of production: Germany
-Alcohol content: 21% vol
-content: 0,7 l
-Type: Liqueur