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Stardust Shimmery Liqueur 24ct Gold 0,7l

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Gold has held a special fascination for thousands of years. The term gold comes from the Indo-Germanic language and means "yellow shining". Gold is one of the first metals to be processed by man.

Now you can treat yourself to some golden moments with the Stardust 24 Carat Gold. The Stardust 24 Carat Gold Line combines the well-known characteristics of the standard liqueurs with pure luxury!

Not only the amount of gold in the drink is particularly high, but also its fineness.

In addition, the noble product has a higher alcohol content. Instead of the well-known 21% vol. of the standard varieties, the luxury variant impresses with 37.5% vol.

The Stardust Shimmery Liqueur 24 Carat Gold Edition refines the existing drinking experience and raises it to a new level.

Whether pure or as the basis for a cocktail or long drink, the 24-carat gold flakes radiate pure luxury in any case.

-Flavor: Coconut & Pineapple
-Country of production: Germany
-Alcohol content: 37,5% vol
-content: 0,7 l
-Type: Liqueur