A party is just the right thing to end a stressful week.

But besides barbecues and lots of fun, you need one thing above all: really tasty drinks! Because what would a party be without the great, colorful drinks that have something to offer for everyone.

We have a few recipes for you at the start, which you can easily mix yourself.

Stardust Shot:
2cl or 4cl Stardust Shimmery Liqueur.

Stardust Spritz:
8cl Stardust, 10cl Prosecco, 10cl mineral water, ice.

Stardust Tonic:
4cl Stardust, tonic water, ice.

Stardust Mate:
4cl Stardust peach & lemongrass, mate lemonade, ice.

Purple Galaxy:
4cl Stardust grape & mint, grape juice, ice.

Red Galaxy:
4cl Stardust strawberry & vanilla, strawberry necktar, ice.

Orange Galaxy:
4cl Stardust peach & lemongrass, iced tea, ice.

Galaxy Gimlet:
5cl Stardust Peach & Lemongrass, 2cl Vodka, 2cl Lemon Juice, 1cl Electric Bitter, ice.